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First Home Buyers

So, you’ve decided to purchase your first home. But where do you start? And how much can you borrow? How much deposit will you need? Which bank has the best rates?

These are all big decisions – but with Two Acre Finance, we take care of everything, leaving none of the guess work to you.

Finding your first home is daunting, which is why we make it as easy as possible by educating you on everything you need to know before you even start the hunt.

When to approach us?

Talk to us before you even begin your hunt.  We’ll sit down and map out a budget or savings plan to get you in the right position to make your purchase.

When you’re ready to buy, we’ll guide you through the entire process from obtaining a loan pre-approval to settlement and beyond. We’ll work with you to enable you to make informed, accurate decisions about your first home purchase and loan, now and into the future.

We’ll provide you:

  • Your maximum borrowing capacity so you know what your purchase range is when looking at properties
  • Ways in which you can purchase property with minimal deposit
  • How to pay minimal or no lenders mortgage insurance (‘LMI’) fees
  • Comprehensive advice around stamp duty fees for first home buyers
  • Strategies and tips for entering the market and negotiating a sale
  • Critical terms and conditions you need to have in a Contract of Sale
  • Advice around the length of settlement
  • Guidance on which professionals you need to consult along the way
  • Advice on how to structure your loan and pay it off quickly
  • Advice on how to adapt your loan when your circumstances change (e.g. Starting a family and moving to a single income)
  • Detailed guided reports with an estimated value for each property you are interested in
  • Application of any First Home Owner Grant (if applicable)
  • Hints and tips on how to bid at auction

Chat to us now so we can start you on the path to home ownership.

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