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Investment loans are different to home loans. You don’t need the usual bells and whistles of a home loan, so why pay extra for them?

At Two Acre Finance we’ll compare our panel of lenders to ensure you get the right loan to suit your needs, with a specially negotiated interest rate over and above advertised rates.

Property investment is a fantastic wealth creation tool. As your equity builds, doors to other opportunities open. We’re here to make sure that you don’t miss out on those opportunities, by ensuring you’re always prepared with an up-to-date valuation of your property portfolio.

We’ll gain an intimate understanding of your long term wealth creation goals, investment strategies and financial needs, and tailor our advice accordingly.

We’ll provide you:

  • Your maximum borrowing capacity considering rental income and negative gearing tax benefits
  • Free valuations on your property portfolio regularly so you know how your investments have performed and how much equity you have access to
  • A comprehensive comparison of your existing loan portfolio and our top two recommended loan products including a detailed breakdown of any money you can save
  • Annual loan reviews to ensure you’re on track to your goals
  • Access to a panel of affiliated advisors including buyers advocates, accountants, financial planners, property managers and real estate agents

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