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Debt Consolidation


All too often, those little plastic cards get the better of us. A few purchases here and there, a holiday, it all adds up and sometimes can spiral out of control causing stress and sleepless nights.

Consolidating your debts into one loan can reduce your monthly expenses and save you money since the interest rate that you pay on your home or investment loan is usually considerably lower than a credit card or personal loan interest rate.

And with one repayment on your home loan each month, it makes it simpler for you to manage by taking away the hassle of multiple repayments going to multiple loans each month.

And all of this has you one step closer to achieving your financial goals.

But although it may sound simple, it’s important to structure your loan in the right way so that you don’t end up paying more in the long run.  Leave it to the experts at Two Acre Finance to make sure it’s done right.

We’ll provide you:

  •  A detailed breakdown of the money you can save by consolidating your debts
  • Strategies on how to avoid the common pitfalls of credit card and unsecured debt
  • Advice on how to structure your loan to pay if off quickly
  • Details of what your property is worth in the current market with a free valuation
  • A comprehensive comparison of your existing home or investment loan and unsecured debts and our top two recommended loan products
  • Advice on how to manage your everyday banking to maximise all benefits that banks offer and reduce your interest
  • Annual loan reviews to ensure you’re on track to your financial goals
  • Access to a panel of affiliated advisors including accountants and financial planners

Don’t delay in contacting us, we’re experts at helping our clients achieve financial freedom.

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