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Second home buyers

Do you have residual crayon marks on what was a once-white wall? Does your home all of a sudden feel like it has all the space of a two man tent as you trip over Lego, action figurines and tea sets?

Looks like it’s time to upgrade.

For some, this is the perfect stepping stone into building an investment property portfolio. But can you afford to keep your current house and rent it out? What about a deposit for another property purchase?

For others, the selling/buying again process begins. But what if my house doesn’t sell before I find another?

Whatever you decide to do, we’re beside you on that next step in your journey.

Make us your first point of contact and we’ll map out a plan to get you on the right path.

We’ll provide you:

  • A detailed analysis on keeping your existing property and renting it out or selling
  • How to access a deposit for another property purchase
  • The optimum loan structure for taxation purposes, should you decide to keep your existing home and rent it out
  • Advice on how you can buy another property before you have sold your existing home
  • Your maximum borrowing capacity so you know what your purchase range is when looking at properties
  • Suggestions on which agent to use in your local area
  • Precise figures on how much you can spend on a new home
  • Advice on how to structure your loan and pay it off quickly
  • Detailed guided reports with an estimated value for each property that you are interested in during your property hunt

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